Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BFF 23rd Birthday post (belated)

The Birthday Girl
The langkawi boy came all the way down to KL for the birthday celebration. okay.. there is a story behind this, he actually contact us much much earlier to plan a suprise for Hui Chin but sadly the suprise failed XD. She forced him to tell the truth before the day comes. The fierce girl that I know As always, just pray that she won't see this post, lol..
 Ever wonder what actually we girls got for her? Tada.. DKNY lady watch from Cititel, MV that costs about 400+. The most pricy present that we have ever gotten for each other. Ha.. Don't get me wrong, we are not stingy on spending on present okay, it is just that we have known each other from secondary Form one and the most we spend would be on meals instead of present in any birthday celebrations of ours.

Credits go to the bf where he recommend lists of most wanted presents and then he said he would love to contribute for the expenditure, Wowowowwww.... That's the best of having a tao ke Bf. listen up girls who are still single kay, lol.. And I walked up and down in malls and finally decided to get the watch and dinner venue - Here we are, Bubba Gump in Sunway Pyramid.

Lee Wah, Hui Chin and yours truly.
Meio Kean the always blur girl :P
 I suggested to have like 1 Malaysia kind of birthday celebration where in any Indians birthday celebration, the birthday girl/boy requested to feed the loved ones as appreciation of the days that being together. So there you go the photos of feeding each other, lol..

The happy birhday girl with her present :)
Well, this post is actually belated and the reason why i feel like blogging it is because I treasure our friendships. How amazing it is that we still meet each other when every one of us actually ended up different pathways after high school. I actually created a girls group in FB just for us so that we can share things or communicate personal conversations there ;)

Cheers for our forever-lasting friendships!!
Jessy Choo

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Big big girl

I'm surviving the adventure, it is way easier to pass the time now compared to the two times before when my baby was away. That does not mean i don't miss him as much as I did. This is so wrong. I miss him like crazy, i swear.

I begin to start loving and accepting who and how I am. Despite of hating my inherited weakness and things I do not have, I start to appreciate things that I am having. now. Being away from home started from college makes me learn. Learn to be independent, to be responsible, and to be discipline.

I was a spoilt child where i had maid to take care of every single things since small. Frankly I did not know how to wash a shoe or even to switch on the stove untill I began to stay away from home. What i knew to do was to stay in my father's former shop to help. or damage ;))

if anyone plans to hire a maid to help raising up children. please, for the sake of your kids, think twice. Do not leave your children to anybody and expect they will get the best guidance despite you, the parents being the role model.

I have the best mummy and daddy in the world that have raised me up to a better person. Now that I have grown up, I am gonna spoil them as much as possible. :))

Love you papa mama,


Friday, March 16, 2012

Be strong Girl

This is not the first time anymore, the third time that he is representing Malaysia to go abroad. First time was referee camp 2010 in Korea, second was as a linesman in Asian game 2011 in Kuwait and third is as a registered referee progressing in Dehdradun, India.

How would I miss the important point . He - my lovely Baby that does not mean anything but everything to me.

I did not send him to airport the first and second trip. Shall I make it clear, I did not want to because I was scared that I would spoil the atmosphere that I would burst into crying aloud. I was wrong, it was way more sad sitting alone knowing he was gonna board the plane by the time without sending him a good bye kisses and hugs.

So this time i have decided, must at least give him a flying kiss before he cross the boarding gate. So as the day of going to airport comes, I was indeed moody (everybody said so). I followed his parents and sisters to go to KLIA at about 3pm. I was crazy playing with the sisters in the airport to at least escape the sadness - it does relieve a little.

Just when the check-ins have been settled, Hugs given to both parents and sisters and I looked on him regardless surroudings. And then he came hugging me very tightly and i did so. I felt the warm and secure that i always get it from him. But at this moment of time, this is priceless.

First day of adventure has started -total of 12 days. Suprisingly my memory works really well that I remember everything that he said and mentioned to me in the airport.
1) Remember must eat properly ya
2) Sleep well ya
3) Keep yourself occupied ya
4) Can not cry alone ya

I think i'm pretty sure i can achive these, as long as you come back safely :)

Loads of love,


Friday, November 25, 2011


Just realize that I barely know and understand myself. As when everybody is doing things they like and enjoy, there is a little girl doubts and wonders, is this what she really wanted? I have been settled down and stagnant for some time. That is why i feel so guilty.

Everybody surrounding is moving forward so fast, leaving me at the back. I should not be blaming others, may be I am not working hard enough. I have been just too comfortable in this moment.

In fact I am enjoying the life now, or not? I forgot since when I stop challenging myself to aim for the best. Schooling time PMR and SPM I aimed for strike As and I achived it.

Now that I have started to work, everybody has options in leading the life. For me I hope for more learning opportunity to get more experience. I have to be clear of this : work hard when being young, then easy when growing old. It never works the other way.

can't believe that it's another friday.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miserable Memory

I have sore thigh and butt after jogging which I think quite normal for me, yet I am quite worried about my chronic low back pain. It is actually associated to an innocent history of fall few years back. I would not say it was an accident, because it was planned so.

I was form three and I was having my year-end holiday, I had to go back to school for counselling meeting. After the meeting, I was supposed to go down from first floor of the school and go home. But I found that all gates were locked, and I could not find the school guard. I ended up walking and strolling around classes to classes for about 30minutes, it was nobody there except my teachers who are busy on projects in counselling room. Then the frustration came up to my mind, ‘What should I do and how long should I wait to see the guard?’ I walked to the corridor and glanced down, there was nobody just a field of bushes and it is about 3 meters height. I remember I studied about inertia in the year; inertia is the impact of force when an object falls in particular surface, speed and height. To reduce the impact of force, the surface should be soft and it should not be too high no doubt. Suddenly, a naughty idea came up to mind. ‘Why don’t we do an experiment?’ For your information, I like experimenting since I was standard three, I actually rear caterpillar since he was a baby, turn to lava and transformed to a beautiful butterfly. (It was out of my mummy knowledge)

I did not remember how I could have the gut, the next second I know I landed with my buttock on bushes. For few minutes it was silent, and I could not move. I did not even shout. It was not painful, just the impact on my pelvic bone, if my bone was not strong, I could have ended up with fracture and cracked pelvic bone. I felt like crying and worried, because for few minutes I did not seem to have strength to stand up. I finally forced myself to stand up and even walked back home without telling anybody. (scared to be scolded by my mummy)

The pain and discomfort feeling persists there for easily a week before I could really walk properly. Credits go to my routine of having dairy milk every day to protect my bone from broken. But I get the consequence after few years later, which is currently a little work out can cause low back pain. I am now not as daring as last time because I have seen many cases. Being immature can harm and ruin your life. I have already experienced on my own body. I learned from it.

Sentence of the day,
Think twice before an action.