Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BFF 23rd Birthday post (belated)

The Birthday Girl
The langkawi boy came all the way down to KL for the birthday celebration. okay.. there is a story behind this, he actually contact us much much earlier to plan a suprise for Hui Chin but sadly the suprise failed XD. She forced him to tell the truth before the day comes. The fierce girl that I know As always, just pray that she won't see this post, lol..
 Ever wonder what actually we girls got for her? Tada.. DKNY lady watch from Cititel, MV that costs about 400+. The most pricy present that we have ever gotten for each other. Ha.. Don't get me wrong, we are not stingy on spending on present okay, it is just that we have known each other from secondary Form one and the most we spend would be on meals instead of present in any birthday celebrations of ours.

Credits go to the bf where he recommend lists of most wanted presents and then he said he would love to contribute for the expenditure, Wowowowwww.... That's the best of having a tao ke Bf. listen up girls who are still single kay, lol.. And I walked up and down in malls and finally decided to get the watch and dinner venue - Here we are, Bubba Gump in Sunway Pyramid.

Lee Wah, Hui Chin and yours truly.
Meio Kean the always blur girl :P
 I suggested to have like 1 Malaysia kind of birthday celebration where in any Indians birthday celebration, the birthday girl/boy requested to feed the loved ones as appreciation of the days that being together. So there you go the photos of feeding each other, lol..

The happy birhday girl with her present :)
Well, this post is actually belated and the reason why i feel like blogging it is because I treasure our friendships. How amazing it is that we still meet each other when every one of us actually ended up different pathways after high school. I actually created a girls group in FB just for us so that we can share things or communicate personal conversations there ;)

Cheers for our forever-lasting friendships!!
Jessy Choo

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